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5 em928

Bill was an absolute professional in every sense. A pleasure to work with

5 JosieAgliano

We contacted Bill Dallas to sell our home because of his knowledge about the area we lived in. He listed our home on Monday and we got a contract on Friday. He got the price we asked and I would HIGHLY reccommend him. Before Bill Dallas, we had tried 4 other realtors. Bill really gets things moving. Thank you again, Bill, for your great service. We are now living on St Pete Beach:) Josie and John Agliano

5 Tim Cliff

Bill has worked extremely hard to sell my property in this bad economy. His knowledge and insight have been invaluable; and, this was after he took over from agent whom let my property sit on the market for more than a year. I would definitely recommend him if you need to get the job done!

5 user201788

Bill was very professional and really listened to our needs. We had some bumps with the seller but Bill made our concerns be heard and ensured that the house was going to be ours on our terms. Great knowledge of the market!!

5 tampacouple

My husband and I used Bill’s services to purchase our home in 2008. Bill is a true professional in every sense of the word and we could always rely on him to give us the truth and represent our best interests. Bill helped us negotiate a great deal and made the entire process smooth. When the time comes to sell our house and/or purchase a new one, we will definitely use Bill.

5 perez4some

Bill is a great realtor. He is so dedicated. We met Bill as we tried to negotiate a short sale. He kept us informed throughout the sale and made us feel as if we were his only clients. We hear the short sale process could be a nightmare but with Bill’s follow through and attention to detail it was one of our easiest purchase transactions. Hopefully when we make our next investment we can work with Bill again.

5 Stlynch

Bill sold a home for us and helped us purchase a home. In both transactions, Bill was very professional. He was responsive, managed our expectations and was a very good negotiator. I would highly recommend Bill.

5 ChadJaquays

I have worked with at least 10 different real estate agents over the last 15 years and Bill Dallas is the only one I would ever use a second time! Bill knows how to sell real estate and is up to speed on all the latest internet marketing strategies that are needed to attract buyers in a competitive market. Most agents are still in the dark ages but Bill rocks!!! I highly recommend BIll Dallas.

5 Joe Matta

Bill is a highly knowledgeable and professional agent. His well-established real estate network triggered numerous showings of my property despite the sluggish market. I trust his advice and I am confident in his skills and abilities.

5 pegpmom

With the downturn of the market we were stuck with two investment properties worth less than half of what we paid for them. Bill’s knowledge of the right short sale attorney and Bill’s negotiating helped us to work through a shortsale with our lender. We were at a loss until he gave us a call.

5 glitch2525

The ultimate litmus test for measuring something such as hiring a Realtor is — “knowing what I know now, would I hire this same person again?” Unfortunately, in most situations the answer is “No” and sometimes “Hell No”. In this case, with Bill Dallas, my answer would be absolutely! Why?? Bill always conducts himself in a completely professional manner. He possesses excellent communications skills, both verbal and written. I would say that he is quick to respond to my calls, texts and emails, but I believe he picked up my every one of my calls when I called and was always quick to respond via texting and emails. In addition, Bill was willing to take on the difficult tasks such as making the uncomfortable calls with the buyer’s agent and other similar calls including having the difficult conversations with me with news I didn’t always want to hear, i.e. the pricing on my house, declining comparables, delays in the process, or changes to the “plan” through no fault on his part.

Bill always was prepared with information such that most times, he knew the answer to my questions without needing to do the research but would if required. His vast real estate history and experience are easily observed by witnessing the decisions he makes, the processes he follows, and the results he gets. He’s a top producer for a reason!! I sold and closed on my house within 4 to 5 months in a downward spiraling housing market where other houses were getting few showings and no offers!

Selecting a Realtor is a very important decision and there certainly are plenty to select from. Timing in the market is critical so don’t lock yourself in with the wrong agent — you can’t go wrong with Bill Dallas.

5 user5245796

He has sold two of our homes within the last several years. At a time as this when the market is so challenging, he has managed to sell our home when others were not selling. He is caring and competent and always within reach. He is a great communicator and is knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I highly reccomend him.

5 Michael_Knowles

Bill was the only reason our short sale closed when it did. The short sale process had come to stand still with the mortgage companies and Bill’s advise made the difference and got everyone to the table to close. Thanks!!!

5 rdbyrne

One of the things that I appreciate the most about Bill Dallas was his availability. Bill was reachable! My experience with other RE associates and brokers was not even close. Bill Dallas’ knowledge of the market, easy style, and active marketing of my home demonstrated his professionalism in the face of my misgivings, questions, and level of confidence. It is a pleasure to know Bill Dallas and I highly recommend him for your real estate needs.

Rev. Robert D. Byrne, M.Div

5 user9878220

Bill Dallas was a true professional throughout every step of the home buying process. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to purchase a home.

5 scott1494

We believe our experience selling our house was unique. Bill provided us with a series of very good comps. We had a very difficult and adversarial buyer. Initiallythey offered 175K under asking and we countered at full asking. They came back to BIll about a week later and offered a sales price that at least warranted negotiation. After several attempts, and sound advice from Bill, we reached an agreement that was reasonable and in the range of our asking price.

The buyer requested several inspections and on the last day of the inspection period came back to Bill with additional concerns about the state of the roof. Although, we believed these concerns were not warranted, we agreed to credit them an additional $2,000 at closing after consulting with Bill.

On the day of closing, the buyer completed their inspection and came back with a totally ficticious issue and threatened not to close unless we agreed to give them another $10,000. We refused to give in to their demands.

Bill was with us every step of the way. It’s very easy to give someone a great review when everything goes well, but a true measure is the advice of a professional, when the situation is not ideal. I believe, Bill’s advice and negotiating skills were critical in getting the best price for our house and eventually getting our house sold and closed on time.

5 lydiammiller

I had a contract on my home within 2-3 days of being on the market. Candace Lake was the realtor I dealt with and she did an excellent job. I would recommend her and the company to anyone!

Lydia M. Miller

5 joeguadagnino

From beginning to end we were totally pleased with the service we received. If your in the market to sell a home and you pride yourself in choosing wisely then go with Bill and Candace you’ll be glad you did.

5 admin844

I’m going on my 4th property with Bill and I just want to say, if you are in search of a realtor that seeks to learn what your needs and desires are and works toward finding you the home that fits you perfectly, you can end your search with Bill Dallas and his team. His attention to detail, follow through, and on going communication to keep you in the loop and updated at all times is what sets him apart from the rest. He puts 110% into every client and I would highly recommend Bill Dallas and his team for any of your real estate needs.

5 rmabry

Working with Mr. Dallas was a pleasure in every way. He and his staff are thoroughly professional, thorough and communicative in what often is a confusing endeavor. After trying to sell our property ourselves for a month, we listed with Mr. Dallas. Less than one week after entering into representation with him, we had a offer above asking price, and we closed on the property sale about three weeks later. Mr. Dallas will be our realtor of choice in the future, and we highly recommend him to all.

5 user3593434

Bill is well versed in the process of a real estate transaction as it pertains to not only the overall process, also the way the seller/buyer thinks and how to best navigate various situations. He is thoughtful in his approach and did a great job with the sale of our apartment building.

5 LindaCorderStoltenborg

Bill Dallas sold our home first day it listed. He was very professional and very easy to deal with. Our home had some unusual circumstances and Bill and his assistant Candace Lake went way beyond the usual to get things done. I cannot say how much we appreciate him. It went smooth as could be and closed quickly.

5 aamonday

Having become an accidental landlord after moving out of state, I had been trying to sell my property off and on for over a decade. After three failed attempts to sell the property with other realtors, I was finally referred to Bill Dallas. If anyone in Tampa could sell my property, I was told Bill Dallas and his team were the ones to do it. When I reached out to Bill, he was prompt to respond. His knowledge of the market, experience with rental properties, and willingness to listen and address all of my concerns, made my decision to list with him a confident one. After listing my property for sale, Bill and his assistant Candace Lake did a remarkable job of navigating through all of the challenges that came our way. They were very thorough, upfront, responsive and always very professional. When it came time to accept an offer, Bill’s experience and guidance were invaluable. Thank you, Bill and Candace, for your hard work and dedication to selling my property. I will continue to recommend your services to everyone I know.

5 vany437

Unlike the other agent we had dealt with, Candace Lake was very helpful. She understood what my wife and I wanted and needed to find the perfect home for us. She was very professional and went above and beyond. Because of her we have our forever home. Thank you.

5 ambers3826

I had the pleasure of working with Candace Lake of the Bill Dallas group. I met her when she helped my daughter find her home and was so impressed with her professionalism and knowledge. When I decided to sell my home she was the only call I knew I needed to make. She kept the process moving along and was always available to me. Her experience in the field of real estate in all aspects was priceless!

5 ngmgolf

Bill Dallas was recommended to me by the realtor who sold my home. Working with Bill and his teammate Candace Lake to purchase a home was a pleasure. They understood exactly what I was looking for and worked diligently to make it happen. True professionals.

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